Bible Studies

Discover God 2-set Bible Study: God's Character

Understand who He is and why it matters to you.

What is it?

  • A 2-volume small-group study, 6-lessons each
    • Study #1 lessons explore these attributes: God is All-Powerful, God is Holy, God is Loving, God is Ever-Present, God is Merciful, God is Absolute Truth
    • Study #2 lessons explore these attributes: God is Faithful, God is Righteous, God Knows Everything, God is Just, God is Sovereign, God Never Changes
  • 60-90 minute lessons
  • Based on Bill Bright’s book: GOD: Discover His Character

How to use it:

Use it with a small group of men or women, or a Sunday school class.

Why use it:

  • Learn what God’s attributes mean for your daily life
  • Gain a deeper understanding of God’s character
  • Grow in your small-group relationships

Where to get it:

Buy Discover God Bible studies or other Discover God products.

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