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Every person is on a spiritual journey – your friends, your family, neighbors, your classmates, everyone. And God wants to use you in the journeys of others.


Unfortunately, even though many of us desire to spiritually co-journey with friends, insecurity, fear and not knowing where to start often prevent us. But there is a way forward – it’s called SomeTime.


SomeTime is a co-journeying experience – a time dedicated to exploring the spiritual backstories of our friends. Simply put, it’s about taking interest in others, asking questions and seeking to understand the faith journeys of friends.


By taking the SomeTime Challenge, you will receive 18 specific challenges and devotional thoughts. Go ahead, start asking your friends a “SomeTime ...” question. For example, “Sometime, I’d like to hear about your spiritual journey … would you be up for that?”


That’s it. I’m serious. It’s really that simple.


(If you missed it, re-read the previous paragraph.)

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Bonus Questions

Here are some easy spiritual conversation starters you can use with your friends.

Explore Past Experiences: Where they’ve been

  • What was your religious background growing up?
  • What have you tried in your spiritual journey since?

Explore Present Attitudes: Where they are

  • Where are you now in your spiritual journey?
  • How has your search left you feeling?

Explore Future Direction: Where they are going

  • Do you think you are moving toward God, away from God, or staying about the same?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your desire to know God personally?


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