QUIZ: What Is the Best Next Step on Your Spiritual Journey?

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You are a follower of Jesus who is growing in your faith. You desire to learn how to share your faith with others and walk with Christ for a lifetime.

Your best next step of faith is learning how to effectively share your faith with others. At Winter Conference, you will learn about:

  • How to share the gospel in a simple way.
  • The process of sanctification.
  • God’s role and your role in evangelism.
  • How to follow God after college.
  • Spiritual disciplines.

Winter Conference is a gathering of college students experiencing Jesus, growing together in faith, and discovering their place in God’s mission.

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Here are some ideas for attending the conference (depending on current COVID guidelines and your campus’ ability to host an event). View the event:

  • On the couch with a few friends.
  • In a classroom on campus.
  • At a local church with a group from your campus.
  • On that comfy recliner in your parents’ living room.

Looking for some resources to dive into before the conference?

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