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In 2010, Jesus Film Project initiated Mission 865. This is an effort to translate the JESUS Film into the 865 documented language groups in the world with 50,000 or more speakers that do not have the JESUS Film, representing roughly 323 million people. Research has determined that these people are largely unreached or unengaged with the gospel. We want to share Jesus with them. To date, Jesus Film Project has seen the completion of over 40% of these Mission 865 languages.

Jesus Film Project is commited to reach these groups with Jesus’ story in their own language. Along the way, we will be sharing the JESUS film with some of the smaller language groups as well. This is no small undertaking. We’re partnering with many organizations who are helping us make significant headway in the next two decades.

Jesus Film Project®

These short-term mission trips partner with national ministries by taking volunteers from the body of Christ on short-term trips using Jesus Film products.

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