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“The creator's life in Cru”

Do you have a passion to communicate the amazing work of God's growing kingdom and how people can build spiritual muscles of evangelism and discipleship? Do you love good clear writing? Making stories come to life with photos and graphics? Using film to communicate the truths of God's word and the reality of His work in the lives of people?

Use your degree in Communication or Media to make a difference in the lives of followers of Jesus. Let that light shine as people read, listen or watch all around the world.

The communicator’s life in Cru:

You will work in an environment that will allow you to develop personally and professionally as you engage with some of the top leaders in our ministry. You'll impact many people as you show them that God has prepared them to embrace the gospel and multiply their impact into spiritual movements for Christ. You'll be part of a staff team working together to communicate God's passion for people, His provision of resources for growth and ideas on how to share Christ in a culturally sensitive way.

The job will encompass a wide range of activities, from simple administrative duties to more complex leadership responsibilities. The position would also involve some travel, supporting vertical meetings, conferences, working groups, and miscellaneous projects. Positions available in our regional and national and area offices around the world.

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