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Culture and Linguistics

“The Interpreter's Life in Cru”

Do you have a passion to bring cultural insights to bear helping people reach their potential in Christ and as ministers of the gospel? Do you love exploring different places and what makes people tick in those places?

Use your degree in Cultural and Linguistic Studies to make a difference in the lives of America ethnic populations and unreached people groups all around the world.

The pioneer’s life in Cru:

You will work in an environment that will allow you to develop personally and professionally as you engage with some of the top leaders in our ministry. You'll be a learner as you step into different groups of people and cultures to help find how God has prepared them to embrace the gospel and multiply their impact into spiritual movements for Christ. You'll be part of a staff team working together to decode the way God has wired people and share Christ in a culturally sensitive way.

The job will encompass a wide range of activities, from simple administrative duties to more complex leadership responsibilities. The position would also involve some travel, supporting vertical meetings, conferences, working groups, and miscellaneous projects. Positions available in all states, our regional and national offices and countries around the world where missionaries are needed now.

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