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Unreached People Groups

World’s Language Groups

The number of unreached people groups in the world is growing smaller daily as Cru, Jesus Film Project, and global church partners bring the good news of Jesus to more people in more languages.

Jesus Film Project is a global team committed to one idea: creating life-changing encounters with Jesus through film for every person and people.

We love making films that find the intersection of biblically based and relevant. We send creative people into the field to discover new ways of sharing Christ through media.

We innovate new tools (like our smartphone apps) that make it easy for others to introduce friends to the most amazing person in history, who just happens to want to know each of us personally.

Most of all, we learn from each other and push ourselves to reach every person in the world, through every means possible, and in a language they can understand.

Come discover how your unique gifts can play a vital role in fulfilling the Great Commission. Our needs range from creative director, to business analysts, to short term trip coordinators, and everything in between.

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Unreached Oral Learners


Eighty percent of the world’s population identify as oral learners, many of whom live in unreached people groups. While many oral learners cannot read, some can read but prefer to learn orally.

To reach oral learners with Scripture, they need to hear biblical truth in a way they naturally learn. Oral Bible stories communicate the Word of God in a way that is relational, concrete and memorable.

StoryRunners®️ reaches oral learners by equipping people to produce oral Bible stories in order to launch church planting movements among those who don’t have access to the Bible in a way that speaks to their hearts.

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