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South Asian American Community


“South Asian American” refers to an American whose ethnic background hails from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal or Pakistan. 


South Asian American Students

Design Movement: The word “desi” in our logo means someone who has South Asian background. The whole name “Design Movement” refers to how God has intentionally created South Asian American students on purpose the way they are for His purposes.

We believe God has uniquely created South Asian American students for His purposes.

Some of these students feel comfortable within a majority culture community, others enjoy being “bicultural,” and still others prefer their family’s culture. The Design Movement creates a place for students who enjoy this diverse South Asian community. Serving with Design, you will have opportunities to reach students with the gospel, encourage them to walk by faith and equip them to do the same. You will be leveraging culture for the sake of the gospel.

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