Cru's Ministry to Women

Help Women Fleeing Abuse and Violence

In some of the most oppressive nations on earth, God is at work!

Women who are normally hidden behind locked doors are asking us how they can know Jesus! 

Missionaries in countries where women are in difficult situations provide safe shelter, food, clothing, skills training, legal help, Christian counseling and more to those who often fled with nothing but the clothes on their backs. 

And it’s making an eternal difference: 95% of these women come to know Christ!

Cru ministries to vulnerable women are only found by word of mouth. They are being inundated with needs, with more and more women desperate to escape abuse, desperate for hope.

Will you consider a special gift to reach these women with tangible help and with the gospel of Jesus Christ?

The needs are urgent — ranging from food, safe shelter and blankets to emergency travel, job training (to get these women back on their feet long-term) and more.

Any amount you feel led to give will help desperate women know Christ’s compassion and hear His message. 

$50 provides food for one woman for a month. $100 helps cover safe shelter for a month. $185 covers every major need (food, bedding, shelter) for one woman for a month!

These women have nowhere else to turn. Your help will make a difference to save their lives and point them to Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers and most generous gift!


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