Ukraine Emergency Fund

The War in Ukraine Continues: Send Help to Missionaries & Refugees

The suffering in and around Ukraine is almost unimaginable … but so too is the hunger for Jesus. Right now, funds are urgently needed to provide more:

  • Yellow boxes full of humanitarian aid and the gospel message as the devastation is so widespread ($24/each)
  • Shelter and food for victims of war who’ve fled to border nations ($48/night for a family of 4)
  • Bibles and other outreach tools, especially for soldiers ($81 per dozen Bibles)
  • Support for local missionaries whose support has been decimated by the war ($300/month)
  • Vans and fuel to help with evacuations and to deliver more aid to more places, plus resources to cover caring for children and more (any gift will help!)

Both the need and opportunity are greater than anticipated.  Will you help save lives and share Jesus at this critical hour?

Your gift of $50, $150, $300 or even more will help support urgent outreaches like delivering food and gospel hope to isolated villages, providing Bibles, offering shelter to victims of war and more.

The body of Christ must step forward to save lives and share Jesus during this unique moment. Please give your most generous gift to help Cru missionaries and the people of Ukraine.

Many have already been so generous, and we are incredibly grateful. But the need is still very real.

Would you consider giving today?

To learn more about becoming a monthly partner of a Ukrainian missionary or missionary family, giving to them directly, please visit this page.

Please keep everyone affected by this terrible war in your prayers.

Thank you.


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