Port Cities Project

Reach Families from Closed Countries with the Gospel

Every summer, an enormous travel surge begins — with multitudes of travelers from closed nations in the Middle East and North Africa passing through the ports of Europe for summer trips.

Every year, this is an extraordinary opportunity to reach closed nation families. 

As thousands of these travelers wait in long lines of traffic to board ferries that will take them home, away from the freedom of Europe, across the Mediterranean, Cru teams are there to pray, smile, tap on car windows and share Jesus. They can openly deliver gospel gifts including a New Testament, a powerful apologetics book, an evangelistic children’s book and more.

Every $5 you give will provide an evangelistic gift pack filled with gifts ready to be carried back into closed nations and designed to reach the whole family.

Will you consider a special gift of $25 for 5 evangelism gift packs, $50 for 10, or even $100 to reach 20 closed nation families with the gospel? 

These people don’t often walk in freedom. This is our chance to safely and openly reach them with the gospel! 

Please don’t let them go away empty-handed. Your gift of any size today will make an eternal difference.    


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