Church Planting

Start Churches in the Hardest Places

Our hurting world desperately needs faithful, biblical churches right now — and YOU can help meet that need. 

Thousands of church planters are being trained to start churches in unreached areas, eager to reach people who have eternity on their minds. 

Cru’s church planters are willing to go to isolated places and face danger to tell people about Jesus and start a church, but they need your support.

Just $400 plants and provides resources for a new church that can shine a light for Christ for generations. 

The new church will:

  • Reach the unreached
  • Disciple new believers
  • Counter the advance of cults & false religions
  • Bless isolated believers
  • Consistently teach biblical truth
  • Impact a community for decades to come! 

Will you consider a special gift today to build this legacy? 

It takes just 10 people giving $40, or 5 giving $80, to fund a church plant, including resources like Bibles, evangelism tools and more! 

Whatever you feel led to give will grow Bible-focused churches in some of the most challenging places on earth. Churches that train isolated Christians who are vulnerable to cults and pour love, grace and truth into lives again and again. 

Please give your most generous gift today to help establish a church where there is none. You can help take the gospel to the hardest places on earth … not for a quick visit, but for generations to come.

Thank you!


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