"Lions" Tell Bolivians About Jesus

Becky Hill

Poder Para Cambiar (Power to Change) was a huge evangelistic campaign to tell Bolivians about Christ.

This strategy incorporating billboards and signs reached 75 percent of Bolivia's 8 million people, so Cru and other partners rallied 15,000 Christian volunteers, called "lions," to personally communicate God's power.

Advertisements directed people to booths at random locations like street corners in 12 cities countrywide, where a "lion" would explain how to have a personal relationship with Christ.

Sonia Villaroel De Suárez was at her booth when she met 18-year-old José. He said that his grandmother had just died and his friend had committed suicide. "José told me that he had an agreement with the devil to commit suicide on two occasions," says Sonia. "I was amazed to see that a stranger would tell me things like that."

Through Sonia's leading, José prayed and accepted Christ into his life. "We know that he has been getting better in school, with his family and in all areas of his life," says Sonia. In just one month, over 200,000 people like José accepted Christ through Poder Para Cambiar.

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