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Being involved in Boxes of Love® is a great way to bless your family and others.

This year our goal is to deliver 2,100 boxes so as many as 12,600 people can hear the gospel.

You can personally fill Boxes of Love for families in need this Thanksgiving! This is a great way for families, small groups, Sunday schools, and churches to get involved with Boxes of Love in a personal, hands-on way.

Please use the shopping list below, including a $20 donation per box. Then drop off your boxes at Cru® Inner City's Agape Center by Saturday, November 12.


Drop off your Boxes of Love at Cru Inner City by Saturday, November 12 at:

  • Cru Inner City - Agape Community Center
    342 W. 111th St, Chicago, IL 60628 (map)

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