Thank you for joining as at the spring 2024 Worldwide Day of Prayer! The next WWDP will take place on October 1, 2024.


Questions about the day? Ask in U.S. Prayer or email



Join the WWDP Livestream

All U.S. staff members are invited to attend an online session, live-streamed from Cru headquarters on Tuesday, April 23 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. EDT.



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A message from Steve Sellers for WWDP April 23, 2024


Preparation of the Heart

A 10-day devotional for WWDP




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Suggested Schedule

A schedule and devotional you can use to plan your WWDP




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Staff Prayer Guide

Use this one-page guide of questions and linkd resources to enrich your experience of the WWDP.



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Global Prayer Requests



Global Prayer Requests

Global Prayer Requests

Google Drive folder with prayer requests organized by global regions and countries

JFP Prayer Guide for the Least-Reached Countries

JFP Prayer Guide for the Least-Reached Countries

Prayer guides from Jesus Film Project to engage more deeply in prayer for the current country of the month from one of the twelve least-reached countries in the world.






Prayer Walking for Schools

Shannon Compere on prayer walking middle school, high school, and college campuses

Getting a Prayer walk guide — via Chad from EveryCampus

Go to to follow the steps Chad explains.

Middle and High school prayer walks — via CYC (Claim Your Campus)





Praying for Our Neighbors



Sunish Jake Abraham on praying for our neighbors



Prepare for your prayer walk

Visit Bless Every Home to download an app for neighborhood prayer walks

Our vision is that every home in America will be adopted by neighboring Christians committed to ministering to them through long-term, pray-care-share lifestyles.


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Music from the Worldwide Day of Prayer




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