Dear Friend,

Thank you for writing and expressing your concerns about Cru. Recently, there have been several reports floating around the internet that have raised questions about what Cru believes and teaches. I would like to clear up any misconceptions you may have heard and to reaffirm what is true about our missionary organization.

Cru is a missionary movement committed to our historic calling of helping fulfill the Great Commission by winning people to Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to reach and disciple others for Christ. Our focus is on sharing the gospel and giving every person an opportunity to say "Yes" to Jesus. There is no other priority. There is no other mission.

The Bible is our sole and final authority on all matters of life. As we navigate a broken world together, it provides the way forward for the deepest concerns of humanity including where we find worth and dignity, the nature of sin, the source of redemption, the means of reconciliation and the affirmation of the Believer’s identity found in Christ. It is our blueprint for a right relationship with God and for right relationships with one another.

We recognize that in the midst of the injustice and oppression experienced in our fallen world, many secular ideologies attempt to identify, address and to bring relief to the very real needs that plague the souls of men and women. Secular ideologies and perspectives including critical race theory and white supremacy offer worldviews that do not align with the scriptures. For that reason we do not endorse or embrace these secular approaches and ideas. God alone, and his plan expressed in the truth of the scriptures, is the hope for the problems of humanity.

Recent media reports have mentioned differing perspectives among our staff. In the last year a group of staff felt strongly that we were not doing all we could to become an effective sending base for missionaries of all ethnicities. Also in the last year a second group of staff were concerned that some of our messaging and methodologies did not accurately reflect the scriptures. Both were legitimately concerned about the gospel. Both provided input and we are making necessary changes as we move forward. We remain resolutely committed to give every person a chance to know Jesus Christ personally.

As we focus on reaching every person around the world and within the U.S., we embrace the Bible's command for biblically supernatural, visible, Christ-exalting love among all believers (Jn. 13:34-35; 17:20-23). Under the umbrella of our mission and our Statement of Faith, we believe that an ethnically diverse body of missionaries living in biblical oneness and unity exalts the name of Jesus.

We consider it a privilege to partner with you in this mission. If you have further questions please feel free to talk with the staff you support or with someone on our leadership team.

Mark Gauthier

Mark Gauthier
U.S. National Director, Cru

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