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Fact Sheet: Cru Military

Founded: 1965 by U.S. Air Force Col. Jack Fain

Purpose: Cru Military works with military chaplains, partner ministries and churches across America in caring for the spiritual well-being of service members and their families before, during and after deployment.

Scope: Cru Military currently serves recruits, active duty, retired and separated military members and their families in 57 U.S. locations and 28 countries worldwide.

Executive Director: Brigadier General (Ret.) David G. Phillips, Jr., U.S. Air Force.

Staff: Approximately 170 full- and part-time staff and 332 volunteers serve across the U.S. and worldwide.


Cru Military Programs

  • Spiritually Fit, Ready to Serve (SFRS)—Cru Military partners with chaplains to spiritually nurture members of the U.S. military at recruit training bases (boot camps) and operational bases. The SFRS program serves to motivate service members to be “Spiritually Fit” by being in a right relationship with God, which will empower them to be “Ready to Serve” those around them and live out their military duty with honor.

  • Military Marriage Seminars—In partnership with FamilyLife, Cru Military facilitates military-focused breakout sessions during the Weekend to Remember marriage seminars, which are designed to strengthen military couples' relationships.

  • Combat Trauma Healing—Thousands of servicemen and servicewomen suffer the effects of war long after the war ends, struggling with painful feelings or readjusting to family life. Yet, active duty, veterans and their families are finding hope and healing through resources like The Combat Trauma Healing Manual and 12-week trauma healing courses offered through our ministry partners, Reboot Recovery.

Cru Military Resources

  • Combat Trauma Healing Manual and "Care & Counsel for Combat Trauma" Video Series—The manual and video series offers spiritual solutions for those struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Spiritually Fit, Ready to Serve booklets—These booklets assist military men and women to grow in spiritual fitness by knowing God and laying the groundwork to build spiritual fitness over a lifetime.

  • Combat Trauma Children’s book series—My Hero HurtsHelping My Hero and My Hero’s Home are written for children whose families are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Small Group Study Curriculum—This curriculum prepares military couples with the necessary tools to successfully navigate today’s demanding military lifestyle.

  • When War Comes Home—This book offers comfort and practical help to the wives of combat veterans, including insights from the medical and counseling community of the shared experiences of other military wives.

  • E-kit—This kit enlists, educates, equips, encourages and engages those who desire to serve the military around them—available to be downloaded or on DVD.

  • Resource Store—The store provides resources, education and awareness to meet the spiritual needs of the global military community.

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