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The Lesson of Elijah

“Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for Him to act” (Psalm 37:7).

Bill Bright

Do you ever ask, "Why don't I experience God dramatically as the early believers did? Why do I not see anyone experiencing God that way?" A man from Old Testament times, a prophet named Elijah, struggled with this.

Elijah lived in a day, much like today, when many people doubted or scoffed at God. He longed to see God move with tremendous power and silence the critics. Sometimes God did that. But there was a time when Elijah's very life was in danger, and God seemed silent. An evil and godless queen named Jezebel sent her armies to kill Elijah. Was this his reward for being loyal and faithful to God? His depression and despair cut so deeply that Elijah finally asked God to simply let him die. If God wasn't going to speak or act what was the point of even living? 

God taught Elijah an unforgettable lesson. He sent the prophet to a mountain and commanded him to stand and watch as the Lord passed. Wasn't that what Elijah wanted, after all? His heart must have raced as he anticipated looking upon the glory of God with his own two eyes. But instead, God came in a gentle whisper. 

Elijah understood the message. God can hurl windstorms whenever He chooses. He can make the earth tremble or set it aflame. But He usually does not choose to move among us in sensational ways, but rather in the sound of a gentle whisper.

Your View of God Really Matters ...

Why do you think God allowed Elijah to get so depressed he wanted to die? How did God restore Elijah's hope? Do you ever get depressed? Next time, listen for the gentle whisper.

Because God is personal Spirit,
I will seek intimate fellowship with Him.

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