Summer Internship Programme



During the months of June, July and August summer, college students have an unbelievable opportunity to take part in Cru’s Summer Internship Programme (SIP). A summer spent on a project like this can be invaluable. Few other environments can top this in developing spiritual leadership and growing in skills in areas like project management, accounting, administration, digital strategy and ministry to equip students for work life and ministry after university.

There will be great opportunities for students to use their skills to support the crucial behind-the-scenes work in Cru. Summer interns will be involved with online as well as planning and executing in-person evangelistic outreaches. At the same time, students will receive practical skills training as well as participate in small group devotions, character development sessions and a book club.

Our desire is to increase the student’s understanding of God’s Word; deepen his/her relationship with Him; be more burdened for reaching people with the Gospel; and have the opportunity to use their skills in service to the Lord. Overall, SIP will provide the student interns with organizational exposure, work experience, learning, an introduction to missions and fun experiences. 


Projected Date: 1 June - 30 August (3 months)

Internship Location: Trinidad & Tobago

Who can apply?

Students who have been involved with Cru’s student-led movement for at least one (1) year. 

Are you interested in participating in Cru’s SIP?

Click here and complete the form. Then, we will contact you and guide you through the process.

Click here and complete the form. Then, we will contact you and guide you through the process.

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