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God Blesses Us Because He Loves Us

“He loves us with unfailing love” (Psalm 117:2).

Bill Bright

Recently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a homeowner was approached by a man who wanted to borrow his barbecue grill. Being goodhearted, he let the man take it.

When the borrower returned it several days later, he offered the grill owner four tickets to a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game. The owner was delighted, and even though the Brewers lost the game that day, he and his family had a good time.

When they returned home, they discovered that thieves had cleaned out their house of all furniture and appliances while they were gone. What had appeared like a magnanimous gift of tickets turned out to be a trick to get the family to leave so their house could be burglarized.

Sometimes, we find ourselves wondering when God's goodness to us will end and we will find the "bottom line." But we do not need to be suspicious about the good things God offers us. He will never misuse our love for Him.

Nothing we do will take away His love for us. We need never fear that His blessings are a disguise for other intentions. All God's actions toward us flow out of His pure love for us.

Your View of God Really Matters ...

Read Romans 8:38-39. According to this passage what can separate you from God's love? (Remember, when this passage was written, God already knew every sin you would ever commit, and Jesus had already died a horrible death in order to satisfy God's perfect justice.)

Because God is love,
He is unconditionally committed to my well-being.

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