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Following God's Lead

Everywhere we go we tell everyone about Christ" (Colossians 1:28).

Bill Bright

On a visit to Nazareth, the very hometown of Jesus, I shared a meal with one of the brightest and most successful men whom I knew in Israel. All of the country's tourism fell under his supervision and promotion. We sat at a table in the local hotel, enjoying our lunch in the midst of a crowded room full of diners.

I had felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to share my faith with this man, and I began to talk about the many great things Jesus Christ had done for me. I saw the flicker of genuine interest in my new friend's eyes, and I looked forward to asking for His decision to receive Christ in some more solitary spot after lunch.

But my friend did not want to wait! He wanted to pray while we were still at our table. And this successful businessman of Israel poured out a heartfelt prayer to God, asking the Lord to take over in his life before a room full of his fellow citizens.

As we concluded our lunch, my friend pleaded, "Dr. Bright, will you please send someone back to Nazareth to help me share this new truth with everyone I know?"

I immediately recognized the irony in his words: new truth. The good news of Christ is two thousand years old, and it emerged, of all places in this world, in that very city in which Jesus lived and worked. But for this man it was a new truth.

Your View of God Really Matters ...

When you sense God's Spirit sovereignly nudging you to open your mouth in order to give someone else the privilege of starting a relationship with the living God, do you respond with joyful submission or all the standard objections? Today, just say "Yes."

Because God is sovereign,
I will joyfully submit to His will.

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