Salt and Light in the Workplace

Searching for Life's Meaning

I was religious in my youth, hearing mass every day.  Though outwardly religious, I found no meaning in life. Inwardly, I struggled with lustful and violent thoughts as well as religious doubts.  God to me was just like a philosophical concept. My memorized prayers went unanswered.  I was also afraid to die.   When a classmate—who belonged to a local cult argued with me regarding religion, I discovered that I knew nothing about the Bible.  He aroused in me confusion and doubts about my faith.  I had no one to talk to. I remember that one dark night in 1973 when I prayed to God, “God, are you real?  Please reveal yourself to me.”

In 1974, I entered the University of the Philippines as a young man frustrated with a distant, unknowable God. I dabbled in agnosticism and atheism.

Discovering my sinfulness

During the semestral break of 1974, my older brother Danny, also studying at UP, became involved with Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) and attended a Leadership Training Institute (LTI) in BaguioCity.  He returned home a transformed man. From being irreligious, he became a Jesus militant, sharing the gospel with his siblings, me included.  October 21, 1974—he shared the Four Spiritual Laws booklet with me. The verse, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”, struck me. It explained why I could not reach God—despite my religiosity.  I was sinful and separated from God.  That night, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.    I rejoiced in being sure that I now have eternal life through Christ.

Involved in CCC ministries

I read the Bible voraciously.  All my life questions were finally being answered!

My brother brought me to a CCC-sponsored College Life and met Christian brethren from various Metro Manila schools. I joined a bible study group, had my own group and discipled other men. I attended LTIs too.  All these taught me how to share the gospel, do follow-up and lead Bible Study groups. 

I used all my CCC training to disciple young people from The Lord’s Church in Cubao. I also taught the youth of Barangay Old Balara's informal sector which eventually grew to become the Old Balara Christian Community Church (OBCCC). OBCCC birthed three daughter churches in Quezon City.

I led a Bible study group while employed at the University of the Philippines-Institute for Small Scale Industries (UP-ISSI).

In 1989 when I worked in Zuellig Pharma Corporation in Makati, my faith grew cold. 

God used Fred Castro, a CCC missionary to rekindle my passion. He invited me to the “Reaching Your World” conference in Antipolo and the “Bondage Breaker” seminar at the PICC in 1990. That inspired me to start a Bible Study group in our company.

Catalyst for change

My perspective and goals has changed.  I've become a Christ-centered leader, professional and entrepreneur. Now a management consultant and international trainer, share the gospel and Christ's principles in my training programs. 

The Lord has trained me to be a businessman and He has inspired to give not only finances but use my expertise generously to help fulfill the Great Commission of Christ in our generation.  

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