How to Create Content on and for Smartphones


At we're evolving with our audience.

Over 50% of them now consume our content on a smartphone or tablet rather than a desktop. So we asked ourselves some important questions:

  • How do we optimize our writing for mobile? 
  • How do we find high quality, shareable video content from throughout our ministry?
  • How do we help our community make the most of the camera in their pocket?

We want to share what we're learning with people creating content for ministry. People like you.

To help us think big with small screens, we invited mobile media expert, Rick Brunson, to join us for three episodes of our Ministry Hacks series.

Email to let us know about other topics you want us to cover.


How to Write Well for Small Screens

How to Shoot Compelling Videos on a Smartphone

How to Edit Videos Using Just Your Smartphone

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