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Pastors across the country are faithfully shepherding their congregations toward Christ — regularly working to save marriages within their church. 

But all the while many of their own marriages are slipping away.

The pressures of ministry are taking their toll on these dedicated servants who sacrifice so much for the sake of others. According to a Barna Group study released last year, 26% of pastors have faced significant marital problems. And 48% agree their current ministry is difficult on their families.

That’s why FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember® getaways are so important — and why I pray you will take action today to help send a pastor and their spouse.

Each getaway is a time of renewal. A time for couples to refresh, reset priorities, and to be ministered to. And for pastor couples, this time is often much-needed. 

You can help lift up and encourage a struggling pastor … and be God’s provision to help save a marriage. 

Your contribution today will help provide scholarships to offset the $300 registration cost that is out of reach for many pastors and their spouses — and will ensure that these couples experience help and hope for their marriage. 

We need friends like you to strengthen the marriages and ministries of pastors in your backyard and around the country. Whatever you give today is sure to make a lasting impact on those pastor couples who attend a Weekend to Remember getaway. 

Use the secure form below to donate right now. 

Thank you so much for helping those who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

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