Big Break!!!


big break

Big Break is underway each year around college spring breaks. This outreach has a long history, beginning as Operation Sonshine in Daytona Beach, Fla., with the focus on preparing students to be lifelong evangelists, beginning on their college campuses.

The students receive evangelism training in the morning sessions. In the afternoons and evenings, they go out into Panama City Beach to practice what they learn. During the evening sessions, the students share their afternoon experiences and receive applicable Bible teaching. Thursday sessions also prepare them to go back to their campuses with the training and tools they need to share the gospel.

In the evangelism training, we cover the importance of listening, asking questions, and being prepared to share the gospel without materials. We emphasize sharing the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit, the importance of moving people one step closer to God, and that success is faithfully talking to others while leaving the results to God. We provide training for Cru tools such as Knowing God Personally , Satisfied? , Soularium , and Perspective .

Most of the people the students talk to are fellow college students visiting Panama City Beach to party during spring break, since PCB is the most popular college spring break destination in the nation. During Big Break 2012, Cru students had 14,000 spiritual conversations, 5,700 gospel presentations, and 420 people who prayed to receive Christ.

One student said, "God really used Big Break to expand my heart for the lost and to strengthen my passion for sharing the Gospel."

Pray for this year's students to be open and receptive to the evangelism training and to overcome their fears when sharing in the afternoons and evenings. Pray that they have many opportunities to practice sharing the gospel and will see God work in and through them during the conference.

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