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The spiritual climate of Japan.

Jesus Film Love Japan (1477) Dec

Jesus Film Love Japan (1477) Dec summer mission trip. Dec 4, 2019 - Dec 15, 2019. Kyoto.

Japan: Tokyo

Japan: Tokyo summer mission trip. May 21, 2019 - Jun 25, 2019. Tokyo, Japan.

SOON Movement (ATL): Japan, Fukuoka

SOON Movement (ATL): Japan, Fukuoka summer mission trip. Jun 3, 2019 - Jul 6, 2019. Japan, Fukuoka.

Epic Movement: Japan

Epic Movement: Japan summer mission trip. Jun 18, 2019 - Aug 1, 2019. Japan.

Japan: Tokyo - Quarter Students

Japan: Tokyo - Quarter Students summer mission trip. Jun 18, 2019 - Jul 23, 2019. Tokyo, Japan.

How a Church Grew From a Tsunami

Spiritual interest is still strong in Japan long after the tsunami.

Sacrifices Stop After 75% of Village Watch the JESUS Film

When the only Hindu priest in an Indian village turned to Christ, the sacrifices stopped.

1,000-Yen Club, Entertainers and Evangelism

Keiko’s interest in Christ started with a TV program. Now she helps entertainers tune in to Him.

The Timing of the Gospel

American students leave a lasting impression on a Japanese campus.

Asia - Locations

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When Your Dreams Are Shattered

A Japanese student never got to be an American football player – here's what we can all learn from his disappointment.

The Gospel Comic

message of the gospel to meet contemporary culture.

Comic Book Evangelism Tools

Meeko, who created Risk Ride while serving with Cru in Japan. “I grew up in Tokyo (with motorcycles, ramen and manga). When I moved back after ...

The Other Christmases

Understandings and celebrations of Christmas differ around the globe. Read how Cru staff members celebrate in Japan, Bulgaria, and the Democratic ...

Gospel in Action

Declaring Good News Misunderstood The Cosmic Code A Thousand Prayers for Japan Launching Movements Good Words, Good Deeds Launching Justice Movements ...

Today's Promise

Xavier was preaching one day in one of the cities of Japan, a man walked up to him as if he had something to say to him privately. As the missionary ...

Today's Promise

join the United States Army to do battle against Japan. "Yes," he said, "I know." "Don't you think it unfair, following your logic, that the ...

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