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Almost all of the issues that teenagers face can be related to the relationships that they have with God, with themselves, or with others.

Relationship with God

Teens are at a point in their spiritual development — and in their lives in general — where they question everything. As your teens explore their relationship with God, the following resources will deal with many aspects of that relationship: knowing what they believe and why, what God is really like, how to live by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the basics of sharing their relationship with God with other people.


Relationship with Self

Human beings are incredibly complex; a teenager needs to understand not only his/her physical self, but also the emotional self, the intellectual self, the social self, and the spiritual self. The following resources will help your teens to deal with their physical health and body issues, their feelings (loneliness, wanting to belong, anger or resentment, depression), their minds and what the future holds for them, how they see themselves as compared to their peers, how they deal with temptation and their accountability to God.


Relationship with Others

As your teens explore their relationships with others, the following resources will deal with many aspects of those relationships, including their understanding of what authority is and how to deal with it, relationship with members of the opposite sex and their own sexuality, their relationships with friends, and social justice issues.


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