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The Microscopic Mite

His brilliant splendor fills the heavens" (Habakkuk 3:3).

Bill Bright

Have you ever considered one of the most important questions anyone could ask? Is it possible for a mere human, less than a tiny speck on a pebble of a planet in the midst of a vast galaxy, to know the great God who created everything? If so, can we know God well enough to trust, love and obey Him in whatever He asks of us? This quest is the greatest adventure in life!

We can compare our quest to know God to the story of a microscopic mite that lived on a flea on a little dog in a small yard of a humble home. This house was on the outskirts of Jerusalem in the kingdom of the rich and powerful King Solomon. The king lived in a mysterious palace in the midst of royal elegance far beyond the microscopic world of the mite. The distance to the king's palace seemed like light years.

This tiny mite decided that the most important work he could ever do was to write about that world-respected king. But, after reflecting for a long time, the frustrated mite abandoned his project. None of his words seemed adequate to describe such a majestic person.

In a very real sense, that is our predicament when we try to understand our glorious and mighty God. He lives in indescribable splendor beyond our wildest imagination. His character is far above the limited scope of our human understanding. The only difference between us and the mite is that, compared to God, we are less than a mite in this universe of more than one hundred billion galaxies.

Your View of God Really Matters ...

Close your eyes. In your mind's eye, ask a flea or other small insect to explain every detail of the city in which you live. Its answer will be like us trying to explain the universe. How does comparing yourself to God's greatness affect any false pride you may have?

Because God is sovereign,
I will joyfully submit to His will.

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