Jesus Film Project

Prayer Requests:

  • Praise and thank God for the sabbatical leave of the Natividads; Praise God for His faithfulness in journeying with us in the family concerns. Praise the Lord for His goodness , Josh graduating from college with honors!. To God be the glory! 

  • Praise God for the Translation Project of the Mangyan languages has started to take off ; praise the Lord for the 2 volunteers/ partners ‘ availability to do the research and has started the leg work in the area.


Prayer Request

  • Pray for  the the JF translation workshop of the 9 Mangyan languages on Aug. 4-18,2024 in Mindoro.  Pray for the need of 2 translators for each of these  9 Mangyan language;  Pray for the preparation and logistics ; 

  • Pray also for  available translators for the Yakan Magdalena.

  • Pray for the  schedules of premiere showings of Magdalena Maguindanaon And Tausug.

  • Pray for the review of the translation of the  Tagalog JF and possible new translation.

  • Pray for the completion of the Magdalena Cebuano - translation and Recording ; Pray for abailabiliity of manpower needed.

  • Pray for meaningful walkwith the Lord , fruitful ministries and good health of the Jesus Film team and partners in the field .

  • Pray for good health, and DMPD of Tony and Janet.



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