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VK - Finding Interested Students

November 29, 2016

After seeing success in using Facebook to find interested students, other workers have discovered how to use VK, (a social network popular among Russian speakers) to do exactly the same thing.

Instead of taking hours to approach random students on campus to even find a single Christian student, a few staff were able to find 13 potential students in 3 minutes.

1. The first thing you’ll need to do is search for “people.” Type “people into VK’s search function.

VK will give you the results of people with public profiles.

2. Using the sidebar on the right, choose “People” and then you’ll want to indicate the right demographic. Indicate which city, college or university you’d like to search within, their age, etc. Under the “personal” description, write “Jesus” or some other Christian description like “the Bible” or “Christian music” etc. If you are looking to connect with people over another topic, such as “learning English” or “volleyball” you would do that here – you will just send them a different kind of message than what we will describe below.

3. Then take a look at the results.

Click on a person’s profile to read what exactly on their profile indicated their Christian (or other relevant) interest.

4. Send a friendly message to that person.

You could potentially write, “Hello, my name is X and I am involved with a Christian college ministry. We are hoping to connect with other Jesus-followers and start a Christian movement on your campus! Would you be interested in learning more?”

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