Want to learn more about social media or want to grow in your skills? We want to help you. Check out our series of short videos to help you learn more about social media, grow in your skills and get tips from staff members with Cru.

#MinistryHacks Seminars

#MinistryHacks Seminars

Explore and learn how to maximize content, apps, and other digital tools to boost the success of your ministry.

Building a Ministry Audience with No Money (3:26)

Angel McCurdy and Doug Weiss discuss ideas and tactics that don’t cost any money to help you grow your audience and increase engagement on social media.

Let's Make a Designer Out of You (5:38)

Graphic design doesn't require a degree or vast knowledge of Photoshop. With this tutorial, you can become a graphic designer in just a few steps, which can drive engagement and increase momentum for everything you post!

Is Instagram Worth Your Time? (5:17)

Did you realize that in the past year Instagram has grown 46 percent? So what's the point of Instagram and should you waste your time on it? Learn some simple steps in using the tool and hear from high school Social Media Strategist Deanna Kustas on why we must engage on the new mission field of social media with this tutorial!

How to Improve Your Online Content (3:44)

Do you want to get more people to read what you post online? Here are some tips to improve your content and make it more shareable on social media from Becky Thomton, editor of This is helpful for anyone managing a blog, website, Facebook page or Twitter account.

Diving deeper into Facebook Insights (2:45)

Take a deeper look at creating audience persona's using your Facebook Insights in this short video with JESUS Film Social Media Manager Doug Weiss and Cru Social Media Community Manager Angel McCurdy. Knowing your audience and how to post for who's following you is not difficult and with the right steps you'll know just what to do!

Wondering How To Blog? (3:54)

Learn from eQuipping 4 eMinistry blogger Sus Schmitt how to run a successful blog and how to create content worth reading. Sus will cover how to share your faith in current events and some tips and tricks to get people to read your content.

Using For Your Ministry (4:21)

Learn how to use for ministry through this video from Marilyn Adamson, creator of the evangelistic site. Marilyn shares strategic ways to use the website to share the gospel truth. One article can change someone's perspective, and life, forever.

Snapchat 101 (6:02)

Snapchat has become one of the most popular messaging apps with its convenient and fun way to send photos and videos without eating up your phone’s memory.

How to Take a Video of Yourself (1:36)

Here are 10 tips on shooting an effective, quality video of yourself.

How to Create the Perfect Snapchat Story (1:56)

So you’re on Snapchat but you’re trying to figure out how to actually use it. It’s simple and easy to use Snapchat for your ministry – so buckle up and let’s start the journey!

Canva Training (1:36)

Learn how to create trendy, easy graphics with Canva!

Creating a Paid Facebook Ad (5:55)

Learn how to create your ad campaign, choose your target audience, name and create your ad set, add text and links, and how to choose ad placement.

What’s In Your Tech Bag? (1:53)

Tips and tricks on getting the most out of your photography gear, and having an enhanced photo-taking experience.

How to Do an Instagram Takeover (1:26)

Instagram takeovers are a fresh and exciting way for ministries to collaborate and cross-promote content.

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