Twitter 101

Did you know Twitter has 232 million active users? What a powerful ministry tool that is simple to use and can reach the masses. The social media site is a key player in the social space so having an understanding of how to use the site will help to spread messages, share truths and grow your following for whatever your purposes.

  1. Be a weekend warrior: Twitter engagement on the weekend is 17% higher than weekday tweets. The best part? Only 19% of companies are using the social media site on the weekends.
  2. The worst of times: The best time for tweeting is when people are at their business. The study found that tweeting between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., known as busy hours, receive 30% higher engagement than tweets during non-busy hours.
  3. Keep tweets short: I know what you're thinking, it's already 140 characters and it still needs to be shorter? Yes, tweets that contained less than 100 characters received 17% higher engagement compared to tweets longer than that, according to a Buddy Media study.
  4. Use the hashtags: Only 24% of brands use hashtags currently. Brands using the search tool received two times more engagement than those without them. But also keep in mind that engagement drops if you use more than three hashtags.
  5. A picture's worth: A picture helps with replies, retweets and views on Twitter. According to the Buddy Media study, tweets with photos or links received twice as much engagement.
  6. And action: Ask users to retweet – it works! According to the study, tweets that contained “RT” or “ReTweet” received 12 times higher retweet shares compared to those without a call to action.

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