Digital Outreach

Sharing Your Journey on Snapchat

  1. Think through three things you’ve learned at Winter Conference this year. Write those down and decide the best way to share those thoughts through Snapchat.
    • Create a video where you share what you’ve learned
    • Take a picture of a verse or image and use the text option to share more details
    • Share a picture of yourself, use emojis and text to talk about a heart change or thought change made during the conference
  2. Pick 10 friends that you can send your Snaps to during the outreach time. Send them three things you’ve learned. That can be through three different Snaps or through one video. However you want to talk to your friends
  3. Send one more Snap that invites your friend to ask you more about what you’re talking about. Ask them if they’d like to meet sometime soon so you can share about the conference and what you’ve learned.
  4. Make sure to set up a time and place to meet your friend and prepare to go in more detail on the three things you shared with them on Snapchat.

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