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How God Used One Woman’s Debt

Deanna Joy Kustas

Mongolians don’t ask, “How are your finances?”

With over 3 million people and less than 2.5 percent of those identifying as Christian, Enkhtuya’s story of coming to faith and how God used her struggle with debt to impact people in Mongolia is powerful.

During her fourth year of university, Enktuya was invited to a Bible study led by missionaries. She agreed to attend because she wanted to learn English, but after a year in attendance experiencing the love of the couple who led it, the Lord revealed Himself to her.

Soon after graduation, the young believer with little financial knowledge bought her own place, filled it with furniture and started working part-time for Cru in Mongolia while also working some odd jobs.

She also went into a massive amount of debt.

“[Everyday was] stressful,” Enktuya said “I couldn’t afford my groceries. I rented my apartment and I moved in my parents home.”

Saddled with mortgage payments and a bank loan, Enktuya was asked the question most Mongolians don’t by a financial planner she knew. “How are your finances?”

She told him what was going on and he sent her Crown Financial Ministry’s book, “How to Manage Your Money Wisely.” It changed her life.

“It was eye-opening,” Enktuya said. “We don’t have financial knowledge in our country [like this], especially biblical. I learned about budgeting, investing, saving and that God owns everything.”

The book challenged and deepened Enktuya’s relationship with the Lord and helped blossom a partnership between Cru in Mongolia and Crown Financial Ministries.

“It really changed me,” she said. “I wanted to let people know there is hope… We had a seminar ‘Bible and Money’ for the pastors as well as ‘Bible and Business’ for business leaders. Then we invited church leaders, business leaders [and helped lead] bible study groups teaching this material.”

Personally, Enktuya paid off her seven-year mortgage in just two years by applying the principles she learned through Crown Financial. Since then, she has joined full-time staff with Cru and loves playing a role in the partnership of the two ministries.

“The most encouraging thing has been that people come to Christ and also they get freed from [the] fear [and stress caused by finances],” Enktuya said.

God has used the partnership between Cru Mongolia and Crown Financial ministries to restore many marriages and families in the community, in addition to discipling Christians in how to honor God with their finances.

Do you have a biblical view of money? Are you saddled by debt? Or do you feel called to see those in your community to come to Christ and learn how to manage their money well?

“[I want people to] see money as a blessing,” Enktuya said. “God is providing your needs. We have to wisely spend it and be generous. Not think that it’s yours, but God is entrusting it to you to use it wisely.”

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