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Be equipped to easily share your faith using some of the most effective evangelistic tools right on your phone.

Each presentation has been translated by local native speakers. With the toggle button you can easily switch between your heart language and theirs.

No internet? No problem! Carry with you the languages you need and it will be right there when God gives you the opportunity.

With a short line of code, you can have a clear gospel presentation on your blog or website. Embed, and we will take care of all the upkeep and addition of languages. Just go here, choose a presentation and language, then click the share button. Just copy the embed code and place it in your blog.

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“We began with me holding the app in my hands, but midway, she took it and started leading herself to the Lord! After completely reading it all through, she told me she needed time to think aboout it.”
- Stephanie, God Tools app user.

What You Get in the App

Included in the app are 3 booklets, and a library of evangelistic articles created by Cru, one of the largest Christian missions organizations in the world.

Each of these booklets offer a simple and straightforward gospel message, while “Satisfied?” helps Christians understand what it means to truly walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. God Tools also contains compelling articles on a variety of topics from, a popular website for people seeking answers to their questions about life and God.

Download the God Tools app now for your Android or Apple device.
“My napkin is ripping apart and my pen is running out of ink and although this girl is still engaged, our conversation is not as 'on-track' as I would like. Then I get a text message... AND as we are both sitting there with our phones next to our pizzas I think... GOD TOOLS!  I open up my app, crumpled up my napkin, and started from the beginning.”
- Lisa, a God Tools app user.

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