Global Involvement Accelerates Discipleship

Global missions complements and accelerates the discipleship work you are already invested in and experiencing.

Often, when we hear, “global missions,” we picture professional Christians that have raised support and moved to a remote setting in a developing country. Or youth group trips to a border town to build or paint a church. City Global would like to invite you to consider global missions in a fresh light.

The growth of established churches around the world provides settings for those from the US to serve and grow relationships with followers of Jesus in different countries and cultures. And the shrinking of the world allows for digital connections that either bypass the plane ride completely or keep the relationship alive long after the return home. And this new context creates exciting opportunities for everyday followers of Jesus to both contribute and be deeply impacted.

Watching God Work

Stepping out in faith creates opportunities to see God bring together disparate resources, needs, and relationships in ways only He can as we seek to live out the gospel in our neighborhoods and among the nations. And as we watch Him work around us in new ways, we experience Him working in us in new ways.

Expanded View of God

Relationships with people from other cultures, in other places, sharpen our lenses in ways remaining at home cannot. Immersing ourselves in their cultures, experiencing life in their shoes, helps us to see our own cultural blind spots and expand our horizons. And these relationships with people from other cultures exposes us to aspects of God and depths of the gospel that we would otherwise miss.

Being Forced to Faith

Short term trips provide life-changing opportunities for those that go, forcing us to trust God in ways our known, home context does not. The intensity of the trip provides a greenhouse for growth in both faith and friendship.

Discovering New Impact

As one missions leader said, “There’s something about being removed from your everyday life and routines and exposed to another culture that just naturally opens you up to thinking about life differently.” In the process of having an unexpected impact in global destinations, participants return with a new passion and commitment to participate in the advancement of God’s kingdom at home just as they had overseas. 

There are helpful and hurtful ways to engage in global missions–especially short term missions. We encourage you to work through the “Preparing to Engage Globally” materials, starting with the Mission Shift Podcast.

And if you want to further explore the concept of global involvement complementing and accelerating local discipleship, we highly recommend this in-depth article that this material is summarized from.