Developing Relationships Globally

We live in a connected world. Perhaps you have relationships with people in other countries and are curious about how to integrate your faith into those relationships. Perhaps you or your church are connected to a church in another country, but would like a partner to navigate cultural, theological, and financial matters with. Perhaps you’ve taken a few steps in global missions, but aren’t sure what’s next. 

Or maybe global missions is a new endeavor for you, and you need help figuring out what the first step is.

Christian leaders in the Global South invite us to relationship. More than any task we could do, it is a relationship they would like to have with us.

But for many of us, a mere relationship feels unsatisfying. However, as Josh Irby points out in the Mission Shift podcast, “Starting with tasks sometimes leads to true relationship, but starting with relationship will likely lead to the right task, not just another task.” In other words, prioritizing the relationship both honors the invitation and request of Global South Christians, and helps our investment be more effective.

City Global is ready to come alongside as you take steps of faith and obedience to participate with God in what He is doing around the world. We currently have people, projects, and partnerships in 25 countries–and are happy to explore connecting you into one of those or adding to them through your relationships and initiatives.

You can start a conversation by reaching us here.