Ministry in a Digital World

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Describe a time when you or someone you know crossed a cultural, social, religious, economic, or ethnic boundary to make a difference in someone’s life. What was difficult about this experience? What were the payoffs?


Summary: Sometimes it may seem like we live in two separate worlds, the digital world and our face-to-face relationships. God has given us an amazing opportunity to cross this boundary, bringing our relationship with him into our digital space to make a lasting difference in people’s lives.

Read Acts 10:1-35 and ask the following questions:

1. What do you like about this passage?

2. What do you find uncomfortable or difficult to understand in this passage?

3. What appears to be the main idea emphasized in this passage? (Look for repeated words or ideas.)

Consider how the following passages increase our understanding of this topic:

Read John 4:4-42.

  • How did Jesus initiate conversation with the Samaritan woman?
  • What boundaries did he cross in this interaction?
  • How did crossing boundaries create curiosity in the woman?
  • Why did this woman invite others to meet Jesus?
  • What could you do to initiate conversations or show that you care using some sort of digital means?

Read Acts 17:16-23.

  • What was the result of Paul’s observation of the situation in Athens?
  • Why do you think Paul entered into what these people cared about?
  • What could you do to enter into the cares and concerns of your friends in your digital space?

4. What are the beliefs and values promoted in these passages?

5. How are these beliefs and values similar or different from those that have influenced you? (such as your family, culture, peers, church, etc.)

6. How might our faith increase and our lives change as we embrace what is true and important?

In light of our need to cross all sorts of boundaries to share Christ with others, here are some additional thoughts on crossing digital boundaries.

Set aside a few minutes every week to message friends at the very end of your small group or Bible study. You can also meet up with other believers each week and reach out to others so you don’t have to do it alone! Here are some things you can do:

Check in to see how they are doing:

  • “Great to see you at _____ class.  How did the test go for you?”
  • “I was great to connect with you at _____.  How is your week going? Is there anything I can pray for you about?”

Seek to start a spiritual conversation:

  • Send someone the Falling Plates video and say: “Hey _____! I just saw this video and was wondering what you would think of it. It’s very short. Can you watch it and let me know what you think?” Some follow up questions would be: “Which scene stuck out to you the most?” or “What was the most interesting part for you?”
  • Pair up with a friend on campus to use the Soularium® or Perspective Cards® apps.
  • Send the link to the Jesus Film® App so people can learn more about God in their own heart language.
  • Send someone a link to a specific article on EveryStudent.com®. Ask them to read the article and tell you what they thought about it.

Pray: In light of what we’ve discussed, how can we pray for each other right now?


Since we last met, what happened as a result of expressing Christ’s love to others?

How can you, or we, express Christ’s love to others this week digitally?

Consider using one or more of the ideas listed in this lesson.

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