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Steve Sellers

Biography of Steve Sellers, President of Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ

Sung-Min Park

Biography for Sung-Min Park, Vice President for East Asia

Paul Alexander

Biography of Paul Alexander, National Director of Operations and Information

Mark Tjernagel

Biography of Mark Tjernagel, Chief Financial Officer

Mark Householder

Biography of Mark Householder, President of Athletes in Action

Gwen Smith

Biography of Gwen Smith, Director of Oneness in Diversity

Darryl Smith

Biography of Darryl Smith, Director of Oneness in Diversity

Our Leadership

Names, photographs and short biographies of Cru leadership members

How to Plan and Lead Effective Prayer Meetings

The key to effective prayer meetings is intentional preparation. This guide will show you how to prepare for a spiritually rich time in community prayer.

You Could Be a Leader at Risk

There are early warning signs if you know where to look to see if you, or a leader close to you, is at risk for burnout or even moral failure.

Are You a Healthy Leader?

Perhaps more importantly than understanding the warning signs, leaders need a plan and strategy to avoid the pitfalls that leading others can bring.

Raising Men, Not Boys

Our spiritual growth takes place within a male or female body so at some point we are led to consider the question: What does it look like, not simply to be a godly individual, but a godly male or female?

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