How to Use Perspective Cards

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What is one of your favorite questions to ask others? How does that question help you know and understand them?


Download: Search for and download the Perspective Cards® app on an iOS or Android device. Physical cards can be purchased at perspectivecards.com.

Summary: Perspective® is an enjoyable and effective way to have great spiritual and gospel conversations, even with those who are very skeptical about the Christian faith. Perspective is available in three different formats: Perspective Cards, the Perspective App (iOS and Android) and Perspective Banners.

Introduce Perspective and explore someone’s worldview.

Watch Introducing the Perspective Cards iPhone App to learn how Perspective works.

Discuss: How does this approach to sharing our faith differ from some other approaches to evangelism?

Watch Getting Started with Perspective.


  • What did you like most in this video?
  • What questions do you have that weren’t answered?

Roleplay: Pair up and practice introducing the cards, going through a category, and asking the questions after your partner has chosen the card(s) that represent their perspective:

  • “Tell me more about that.”
  • “How did you come to that belief?”

Transition to the gospel and share it through listening.

Watch Perspective & the Gospel: Sharing Effectively.


  • What did you like most in this video?
  • What questions do you have that weren’t answered?

Here’s a sample transition. If you’re talking to someone you know well, say something like this:

  • “Thank you for sharing this part of your life with me. I’m glad we got this chance to talk, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better. Sometime I’d also like to hear your thoughts on my perspective. Do you have some more time to share your thoughts with me?”

Roleplay: Pair up again and practice transitioning to the second part of Perspective. Then role play going through one or two Christian worldview cards and the Faith (#6) card.

Here’s something you can say after going through the Faith (#6) card:

  • “In light of this conversation what’s the next step you want to take on your spiritual journey? I have some cards that will show you a few options”

Roleplay: In your pairs practice introducing and reading through the Next Step cards. Be sure to also find out what next step your partner wants to take.

Watch Perspective & the Gospel: The Heart.


  • In your own words explain how you think Perspective is different from other ways you could share your faith?
  • What would keep you from trying Perspective?
  • How do you think those you want to have spiritual and gospel conversations with might respond to a conversation through Perspective?

If you have time, watch How Can I Use Perspective to Illustrate Biblical Truths.

The more familiar you are with Perspective and the more you practice, the more confidently you will use it.

Pray: In light of what we’ve discussed, how can we pray for each other right now?


Since we last met, what happened as a result of expressing Christ’s love to others?

How can you, or we, use Perspective to listen to others’ worldviews and explore their thoughts on the gospel this week?

With whom will you/we initiate a conversation?

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