Collaborative Discipleship Lessons

Collaborative Discipleship lessons contain everything a discipleship group needs each time they meet. Every lesson is divided into three sections:

  • Connect: Together we take time to know and support one another.
  • Cultivate: We seek to understand and apply God’s Word, learn life and ministry skills, and pray for one another.
  • Care: We continually care for those around us in a variety of ways.

These lessons cover fifty essential topics designed to help disciples embrace the commands and teaching of Christ while also embracing who we are as Cru. Therefore, lessons topics seek to be comprehensive enough for God to consider our religion to be pure and faultless (James 1:27) and yet specific enough to include our calling as Cru (Matthew 28:18-19).

We want every disciple to know the joy of growing in these five areas of growth:

  1. To know and love God.
  2. To love others.
  3. To embrace who God made us to be.
  4. To help others grow in faith and fruitfulness.
  5. To express the gospel.

In order to grow in each area of growth, four ways to grow are provided. Three of these ways to grow are achieved through lessons:

  1. Lessons to Motivate disciples through vision, love for God and love for others.
  2. Lessons to Teach disciples to understand God’s truth and the work he’s called us to do.
  3. Lessons to Train disciples in spiritual disciplines, life skills and ministry skills.

A fourth way to grow is through immersive experiences.

The list of lessons below are not organized by the order they would be taught. They are organized by the five areas of growth and the four ways to grow. Pathways are used to order lessons. To see how lessons are visually organized, click on this image to view the PDF.

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Know and Love God

Love Others

Embrace Who God Made Us to Be

Help Others Grow in Faith and Fruitfulness

Express the Gospel

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