Author: Matt Melton

Mapping Your Campus

What is one thing that you will treasure when you leave high school? Here’s a hint: It will collect dust and make your own children laugh in years to come. It’s not your favorite outfit or a sports trophy, but – you guessed it: your school yearbook...

Gathering Students

Have you ever been in a club that was trying to recruit new members? You may have had a party and invited other students to come check your club out, or you may have had a sign-up table at a student event...

Global Missions

Is God calling you to Go Global … to reach high school students? Have you considered where in the world you could be sent to share the message of Jesus with young people? Consider going on a global mission this summer with Cru!..

Gap Year

Imagine taking a year after high school graduation to explore who God has created you to be, grow in your relationship with the Lord and reach out to high school students in other cultures.