Teenagers care about issues of  justice and inclusion  so that every one of their friends and classmates are safe, welcomed, and loved, no matter who they are.

But they’re also navigating the  pressures of adolescence  in a complex culture of social media, mental health crisis, sexual experimentation, violence, and disintegrating family life.

Cru is here to
help teenagers
and their
families tackle
the issues
of life

 Since 1967,  we have been
reaching out to youth across
America and around
the world.

We are full-time and part-time staff members, interns and volunteers who join hands with parents, educators, churches and community leaders.

 We mentor students  

and equip them to build healthy friendships, make good choices, and grow closer to Jesus. We give them support and tools, empowering them to leave an eternal impact as they service their schools and community.

 Our team members also serve coaches, teachers, and counselors

by offering motivational talks for classrooms, clubs, or teams, and assist in other ways to enhance the educational process.

Cru’s ministry extends to thousands of students led by more than 600 full-time staff, interns, affiliates and local community volunteers.

Transformed students
taking Jesus to
every teenager,
by all means!



 Campus Communities 

Teenagers lives are centered around their school. Cru is committed to go where students are, rather than making them come to us. We establish small communities of students on or near the local High School and Middle School campus where students can be themselves, develop genuine relationships, and grow socially, emotionally, and spiritually.


Students grow when they step out of their comfort zone and get away from their normal environment. Our weekend and week-long Conferences are open to all and provide a safe environment for students to learn more about themselves, others, the world, and God.

 Mission Trips 

Through technology our students are learning more about the world than ever before. But there is no substitute for actually visiting another culture and building relationships with the people there. Cru’s mission trips give our students an opportunity to share in another culture, and grow in their faith in meaningful ways.


Cru has been reaching out to teenagers and families for decades. We want to help equip adults in every community to serve schools near them, and step into the world of a teenager. We offer tools that help you start a campus community, talk to a principal, and have meaningful conversations with teenagers.

Thrive Studies is our premier small group material that helps students grow in their understanding of how God relates to their lives. Available in Print and app.

The Launch Box App is your step-by-step guide to starting a ministry at your local high school campus.

How can Cru help you?