If we’re honest, we know that the “e-word” often stirs feelings of guilt (when we don’t do it) and fear (that if we do, we’ll lose relationships or influence). Instead of dreading the mention of the word “evangelism,” let’s try to evaluate our preconceived notions of what we may be talking about when we say “sharing our faith.”
How does life with God impact our experience and ability to not just survive the city but thrive in it? What’s the difference between a Spirit-filled life and one that is fueled by our own resources, strength, or ability?
Real growth happens in our lives as we embrace the inexhaustibly abundant grace of Jesus and the hard-to-admit truth that we all have destructive sin in our lives.
even start. We’ll discover that reproducing the Kingdom begins with simply learning to create an intentional plan and trusting the Spirit to do His good work.
We often feel the pressure to have it together. Discover how to uncover the root causes of our sin and move toward experiencing freedom in the context of community.
There is beauty and brokenness in every vocational industry. What would the redemptive edge of your industry look like if Jesus were lord of it?