One Man's Faith Now Guides His Life

Liz Hartwell

Wearing round-rimmed glasses, Mr. Wong* sits with a group of other Christian business leaders eating lunch. They are attending a LeaderImpact training about God and the workplace. Mr. Wong is a journalist for the most widely circulated newspaper in his country.  During lunch, he explains how he became a Christian and how his faith is an integral part of his work life.  

“Before I had faith, I transferred from one job to another. I didn’t have good relationships with others,” says Wong. “The first thing to rebuild was my relationship with God. If I could rebuild this, I could rebuild relationships with others.”

Wong describes how his faith now allows him to have a positive relationship with his boss, who follows another religion.  

Taking out his cell phone, Wong beams with pride as he shows photos of his daughter. She was the first believer in his family. After studying in the United States, she returned to visit her family and showed her father a Bible. He read the Bible for the first time but says he was afraid to ask questions.

Later, when she returned for another visit with her new husband, Wong remembers his daughter shared that Jesus is real, showed him online videos and gave him a Bible. Through their daughter’s influence, Wong and his wife both became believers.

For Wong, his decision to follow Jesus came after a three-year period of working in a region far from his family.

“I didn’t have anything to do after work, so I began to read the Bible and watch gospel videos. Gradually this became my only interest,” says Wong.

When he moved back to live with his family, he and his wife were baptized.

His son later believed as well, through the influence of international students at his university.  

Leaning forward in his chair, Wong describes opportunities he now has to share his faith with other people.  “I’m willing to follow God, preach and share the gospel with others,” says Wong. Last year, he shared the gospel with more than 100 university students through a drama performance.

*Name changed for security reasons

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