The Key to a Nation is Found in a Classroom

Liz Hartwell and Melissa Thomas

In a room with a dozen teachers, a woman in a bright blue sweater stood up.

“The influence of teachers is huge. You are the light of the world, the salt of the world,” said Enkhbold Khurelbaatar to the group.

Enkhbold, a young man in his thirties, had just been introduced as the new leader of Cru’s ministry to teachers throughout Mongolia.

He described his experience in Khutul, where he saw only two teachers become Christians, and these two Christians influenced 10 other teachers who became Christians.

“We’re seeing multiplication,” said Enkhbold. “Two or three teachers can become a team, [start ministry] in another city and visit the neighboring towns.”

Enkhbold and the other teachers want to reach the nation of Mongolia by influencing those who have the most impact on young people, teachers. Through teachers being transformed by Christ they believe they can help transform an entire nation.

Enkhbold says God is reaching Mongolia through 14 different movements of teachers, reaching 80 people per movement.

“Now in Mongolia, it’s forbidden by law to share the gospel in schools,” said Battseteg Baljinnyan, a former elementary school teacher. “But in community, with family, in church, there is freedom. In trainings, we emphasize sharing outside of school.”

Battsetseg first realized she needed to surrender her life to Christ while at a teacher’s training seminar with LeaderImpact. She understood the gospel for the first time while reading through a booklet about being filled with the Holy Spirit. Many of her family and friends came to know Christ as she boldly shared the gospel with them.

Battsetseg joined LeaderImpact with hopes to reach the nation of Mongolia. She has seen teachers learn to multiply their lives and start movements in new locations .

Still, the question remains… “How can we reach all of Mongolia for Christ?” LeaderImpact believes that all teachers are leaders. Through empowering current and future leaders for Christ, a whole nation can be transformed with the with the powerful love of Jesus Christ.

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