You Will Have a Better Dream Than This

Liz Hartwell

Wrapped up in success and image, Tiffany Laing* saw her younger sister Angel’s newfound faith as weak. A street-smart millennial, Tiffany started an entertainment company and interacted daily with models and film producers. She wore flashy clothes and perfume, partied at clubs and worked hard at the company she co-founded. She invited her sister Angel to live with her in her apartment in the city when her sister got an internship.

But when Angel arrived, Tiffany berated her for her Christian beliefs. “Stop telling me about your God,” Tiffany said.

One day, Tiffany threw Angel’s Bible in the garbage. Angel cried. “I came here to communicate with you, but you don’t even talk to me,” she said. Tiffany was taken aback.

Over the next five months, they continued discussing their beliefs. Tiffany softened, eventually changing her mind about viewing Christians like her sister as “weak.”

A series of business and personal crises made her aware of the limitations of her own strengths. Then, after Tiffany prayed to God and He healed their young nephew, Tiffany decided to become a Christian.  

“I was changing so much. I grabbed everyone and said, ‘Do you know Jesus?’” says Tiffany.

Sharing her faith at work

After her company dissolved, Tiffany took a job as a marketing manager at a jewelry company. She was well-respected among her co-workers. She prayed for opportunities to share her faith with her colleagues about. She began meeting for lunch with each person in order to have deeper conversations.

Then one day, God opened the door for her to talk to the whole office. In preparation for a company meeting, her supervisor asked each person to share something non-work related about themselves. Working with a local LeaderImpact staff person, Tiffany prepared her presentation.

She described what she was like before she knew Christ and shared the gospel with her colleagues.

The CEO approached her afterward and said, “Tiffany, I have reverence for your God.”

Conversations with Colleagues

One by one, colleagues began asking her questions about God.

Ben, the chief technology officer, showed Tiffany the Bible app he had downloaded. “This Genesis is so long. What do I do?” he asked.

“Start with John and Matthew, then Mark and Luke,” she said.

“I have this dream,” Ben told her. “My dream is to retire, move to an island, do drugs and have sex until I die.” Tiffany knew he was serious and she cared about him.

“Ben, after you read the Bible, you will have a better dream than this,” she said.

Next Steps

  • Make a list of the people in your life you want to pray for.
  • Ask God to give you opportunities to share the gospel with your colleagues.
  • Take a coworker to lunch and ask about his or her spiritual background.

*Name changed for security reasons

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