Working Behind-the-Scenes for Jesus in IT Support

Katie Carpintero

From a young age John was a man who struggled with a heavy burden. He knew in his heart that he wanted to live out his faith in both his professional and personal life, but he wasn’t sure how to do it. Ultimately, John wanted to do something that would be pleasing to God, but like many of us he wasn’t sure where to begin.

After coming to Christ in 2003, John started working as a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member in his home country in Asia. In 2007 he began teaching a student fellowship group that reached students on campus.

After several years of fruitful ministry, everything changed. It was at this point that John felt God put what he calls a “crushing” burden on his heart to experience “real transformation” not only in his personal life, but also in the workplace. He felt a strong calling to leave staff and enter the professional business world.

Today, John works at a local university as an IT professional and instructor.  He has started teaching discipleship groups that address “the challenges of work” focusing on Biblical truths, reading the Bible and finding ways to spread the Gospel. Since the group’s formation, another teacher has also started their own course on how to deal with real life issues using Christian principles.

John also instructs several courses at the university, helping students find ways to live a life of positivity. He teaches them how to deal with money, relationships and stress, all with Biblical foundations and principles, but without mentioning his faith. John says he and the other Christian professors try to “reveal a good life to them,” adding, “connecting work with faith helps us to have a real faith life.”

John sees how the synergy of work and faith can be a blessing to both his students and colleagues. Many of his students have left “touched by the course.” He hopes that by teaching this generation of students, he can then influence these next level leaders to ask the big questions about their faith and experience true transformation themselves.

You can bring about real transformation in your workplace.

Consider the unique set of skills you have been given by God. Think about the challenges your colleagues, students or friends might be facing this week.

How could you show Jesus to them using skills that God has given you?

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