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You Will Have a Better Dream Than This

Tiffany Laing punched her sister for becoming a Christian. Since becoming a believer herself, Tiffany changed completely. She is now a bold evangelist at work.

Working Behind-the-Scenes for Jesus in IT Support

A former Cru staff member, John has found his niche working in IT at a university. He looks for daily opportunities to share his faith and connect with colleagues.

Out of Work but Employed by God

Unemployment became the beginning of a powerful ministry to women in the workplace for Rachel.

One Man's Faith Now Guides His Life

A journalist for a major newspaper, Wong had experienced disappointments, but eventually encountered God. Wong and his entire family now follow God.

Love Is the Muse That Captured His Heart

The incomparable love of God that etched itself on this young Asian writer’s heart now powers his ambitious pen.

Longing for a More Meaningful Workday?

One woman’s testimony on how she became a believer and now shares her faith in the office.

Impacting Culture by Integrating Work and Faith

A volunteer in East Asia uses career expertise to join with others in mixing marketplace ministry with influencing students through a university-sponsored course.

How One Man’s Influence Can Impact the World

Sumya knew God was calling him to serve in the military and his faithfulness has shown the power of being a fruitful witness.

How I Bring My Faith to Work

Poised and stylish, Meghan works for a high-end fashion company in a busy city in Asia. She is passionate about giving her co-workers a chance to hear the gospel.

God Can Change Work Into Worship

When a university professor came to faith in Christ, she saw a drastic difference in how she related to her students and her job.

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