How I Bring My Faith to Work

Meghan Ri, as told to Liz Hartwell

Mini-bio of Meghan:

Poised and stylish, Meghan works for a high-end fashion company in a busy city in Asia. After living in London, God gave her a passion to give people in the working world a chance to hear the gospel.

Meghan is part of a “Stage Two” LeaderImpact group in her city, where she meets with other young professionals who want to have an impact for God.. Meghan also helped start a prayer group at her office.

“The main purpose of my job is to share the gospel with people and serve people,” says Meghan.

While I lived in London, I heard a calling from God to the marketplace. I remember sitting with my pastor in London, telling him I felt I should do something for God. I thought he would tell me to work at the church. Instead he said, “You have a lot of experience in the marketplace, people there don’t have the chance to hear the gospel.”

So, I attended a morning Bible study, which was tailored for Christians in the workplace, at my church in central London. Sometimes, during lunchtime, I went to sermons the church offered for business people like me. When I moved back to my home city in Asia, I thought that because I had a calling to the marketplace, it would be easy to find a job. But, I was unemployed for a year and a half. During that time, I joined an S2 group (LeaderImpact Bible study for professionals), because I had a lot of free time.

God opened my eyes to see how prideful I am. I wanted to control my decisions. I was so prideful.

Finally, almost 15 months after i had interviewed there, I got a call back from a high-end fashion company. “Want to join us?” they asked. I took the job.

When we first met, my new boss seemed rude and aggressive. But, because I learned a lot about humility, I had a heart to serve my boss and obey him. Soon, we had a good relationship and now he totally trusts me.

My entire team knows I’m a Christian, mainly because I pray before meals. Also, when we travel, I explain that I can’t join them too early on Sundays because I want to go to church.

Back when I first interviewed at my company, I met another believer and I told her about my calling from God to the marketplace. She started thinking, “What can I do for God?” She met another Christian and they started a Bible study at the company. Within a year, they saw another woman and man become believers. Now that I work with them, I’m part of the group.  

The main purpose of my job is to share the gospel with people and serve them. I try to be sensitive to see which people God is bringing into my life.

It’s very difficult to see people become Christians at work. Sometimes I feel like I know who I need to serve, but I don’t know if they’ll ever become Christians.

“Stage Two” (our Leader Impact group for recent graduates) was an important turning point for me. Before I lived in London, I didn’t apply a lot of Christian principles to my work. When we studied Joseph’s story, I learned about how to be a trustworthy employee and how to serve your boss.

Whether I’m working with my boss or training new employees at stores around the country, I have seen that what is inside of you is more important than what is outside.

You can have an eternal impact in your workplace. Serve a co-worker today. Look for ways to be an employee people can count on to bring God glory through your work.

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